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Kegco Full Size Digital Outdoor Undercounter Cold Brew Coffee Javarator - Stainless Steel with Right Hinge

Kegco Full Size Digital Outdoor Undercounter Cold Brew Coffee Javarator - Stainless Steel with Right Hinge

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Full Size Digital Outdoor Undercounter Cold Brew Coffee Javarator - Stainless Steel with Right Hinge ICHK38SSU-1

Take your outdoor refreshment to the next level with this outdoor undercounter coffee dispenser! The HK38SS series has a wide temperature range that can be set as low as 23°F or as high as 59°F, cold enough to serve your cold brewed coffee on nitro in your backyard or patio. These Javarators are equipped with the most powerful compressors, delivering unprecedented cooling for fast recovery and temperature pulldown. Keep your coffee cold and serve your nitro coffee at the right temperature. From the versatile design to the easy-to-use controls to the quality dispense system, we've thought of everything to ensure that this keg cooler is exactly what you need to complete your coffee bar, kitchen or man cave.


This all-in-one dispensing system offers a brand new 15 cu. ft. Aluminum Nitrogen Tank in a sleek black epoxy finish. The tank's high-strength aluminum alloy and durable coating provide protection against corrosion, maintaining a service pressure of up to 1800 PSI/124 BAR.

Accompanying this is a Dual Gauge Nitrogen Regulator with precision PSI and volume measurement, built with durable brass components and an integral safety pressure relief valve. The setup includes a 5-foot thermoplastic vinyl hose assembly, ball lock homebrew keg couplers, and a 3" diameter Stainless Steel Draft Tower for easy dispensing and sanitation.

With adaptable keg storage options, this kegerator holds various keg sizes and converts into a refrigerator. It maintains temperatures between 23-59 degrees Fahrenheit, catering to dispensing beer, soda, kombucha, wine, or cold brew coffee.

Designed for versatility, this unit is equipped with a stainless steel guard rail, interior, and dispensing components, ensuring durability and cleanliness. Its powerful compressor aids in quick temperature recovery, making it ideal for outdoor use or built-in setups. Plus, it includes an aluminum nitrogen tank for serving nitro coffee with a cascading effect and a creamy mouthfeel.

Standing at 34-1/8 inches in height, 24 inches in width, and 25 inches in depth (excluding the handle), this kegerator unit provides versatile beer dispensing capabilities. Designed for built-in installations, it boasts a stainless steel exterior with a single door and a stainless steel draft beer tower equipped with one faucet. Offering storage for various keg sizes including 1/2-barrels, 1/4-barrels, 1/4-barrel slims, and 1/6-barrels (expandable with an external nitrogen tank), this unit is tailored for outdoor use, featuring a dual-gauge regulator and a ball lock keg coupler. With an automatic defrost system, adjustable thermostat, and digital controls, this compressor-driven unit ensures precise temperature management for optimal beer serving, catering to home use enthusiasts with its sleek stainless steel design and functional capabilities.

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